Mikaela Paracuelles – Web Developer

Mikaela Paracuelles is an incoming freshman at UC Santa Cruz, and is passionate in motivating women towards their goals, as she is in the same place. She loves to swim, and is committed to play for the golf team. She hopes to promote awareness and ambition to women of all ages to strive for their dreams despite the obstacles they may encounter through the Queen Bee Project!


Maya Chidambaram – Web Developer

Maya is an 18 year old and incoming freshman at UC Merced who is simply looking to make the world a better place. Beyond feminism, she is a massive advocate for the LGBTQ+ community, for the fight against racism, as well as for bringing forth issues within our environment. She enjoys playing music, art, as well as learning how to code. She hopes to bring awareness to the oppression that women face in our society, and also wants to inspire other women to follow their dreams.


Aria Jalan – Marketing

Aria Jalan is 14 years old, and she enjoys singing, dancing, and drawing. She is also on the Vista Del Lago track team and on a robotics team, and is involved in the Vista theater department, and has been in the tech crew. She is also a Girl Scout and is involved in a volunteer organization called Cognitive Exchange which helps underprivileged kids around the world learn speech and debate skills. Through the Queen Bee Project, she hopes to empower young girls by helping them find good role models to look up to. She believes that representation of women is often also an issue and hopes that she can help solve it through this project!


Kayli Mann – Marketing

Screen Shot 2020-07-15 at 5.17.59 PM

Kayli Mann is from Princeton, West Virginia, but she will be attending the University of Pennsylvania in the fall! She will be studying Marketing and Communications in their Wharton Business school, and she will also minor in theater! Besides performing, she likes to spend her free time playing Sudoku, spoiling her dogs, and listening to music(als). She is really excited to “bee” joining the Team, and she can’t wait to get to know everyone!


Sanjana Pethe – Video/Graphic Design


Sanjana Pethe is an incoming senior at Vista Del Lago High School. Some of her hobbies include swimming, making art, watching documentaries, and spending time outdoors. She is part of Vista Del Lago’s swim team and has been swimming for 8 years. After high school, she hopes to major in Graphic Design in college and work towards a career in UX design. As part of the Queen Bee Project, she hopes to help amplify the stories and experiences of strong women in a variety of industries, and hopes to teach young girls that they can achieve their wildest dreams.

Eliana Mugar – Video/Graphic Design

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Eliana is a rising sophomore at Boston University majoring in Linguistics and Computer Science. She’s so excited to join the Queen Bee Project as a Video/Graphic Designer. She can’t wait to contribute to the team and learn along the way! 


Serene Batarseh – Outreach

Serene is an incoming junior at Vista Del Lago High School. Her hobbies include musical theatre and science. She plans to become a pharmacist when she grows up, and hopefully research and develop new medicines that will provide a way for humans to live longer. Through the Queen Bee Project, she hopes to inspire the current and future generations to believe in pursuing their dreams despite challenges they will face on their path.