Listen to co-hosts Snehaa Ganesh and Iscent George chat with top-ranking competitors across competitions like the spelling bee, geo bee, and brain bee about their experience with and advice for handling competition anxiety, sacrificing free time, and tips for staying motivated! We will also take a look at the communities that are created through these academic competitions, and how they have a lasting influence even after one ages out of the competition!


Listen to Season 1 here! Spill the Bee Season 1 has reached 1000+ downloads!


Listen to Sojas Wagle’s podcast here!- Listen to Sojas Wagle discuss his journey from becoming interested in neuroscience to winning the International Brain Bee, his experience on Who Wants to be a Millionaire, meeting peers at his scholarship ceremonies like Coca Cola & Presidential Scholars, why he chose Brown, and why he thinks the college admissions system is flawed. Listen to the end to hear some of Sojas’ opinions and work on mental health!