Spill the Bee!

Listen to co-hosts Snehaa Ganesh and Iscent George chat with top-ranking competitors across competitions across competitions like the spelling bee, geo bee, and brain bee about their experience and advice for handling competition anxiety, sacrificing free time, and tips for staying motivated! We will also take a look at the communities that are created through these academic competitions and how they have a lasting influence even after one ages out of the competition!

Naysa Modi on Spelling Bees, Sacrifice, Friends, & Poodles

Listen to Naysa Modi, the runner-up of the 2018 Scripps National Spelling Bee, chat about how she mentally prepared for the national stage, how she prioritized the spelling bee over everything else, her future plans, and the friends she’s made through the spelling bee!

Shruthika Padhy on Being an Octochamp, Multitasking, and Sneakers
Listen to Shruthika Padhy, the co-champion of the 2019 Scripps National Spelling Bee, chat about how she handled spelling, hockey, and singing at the same time, resisted the temptation of social media in order to study, and her favorite parts of being an octochamp β€” something no other previous champion has experienced.

Mira Dedhia on a Late Start, Coaching, Friends, and Bee Ties

Listen to Mira Dedhia, 3rd place finisher of the 2017 Scripps National Spelling Bee, chat about how she made it to night finals despite starting spelling in sixth grade – later than most – why she started her own coaching business, her favorite parts of bee week, and why Dr. Bailly is her favorite bee week staff!

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