Snehaa Ganesh loves to compete, read, dance, and help others. She’s the runner-up of the 2016 Scripps National Spelling Bee, Champion of the Literature category in the National Academic Pentathlon, and has competed in the National Brain Bee and the National Astrophysics Olympiad. She’s also an advocate for increasing female participation in traditionally male-dominated career fields! She’s been hosting spelling workshops for over a year around Sacramento, but was looking for a way to combine both of her passions when she thought of the framework for the Queen Bee Project! She’s beyond excited to raise awareness of competitions that aren’t as popular as the spelling bee, help competitors with the overwhelming anxiety that comes with being on stage (something she’s experienced extensively), and motivating young women in Sacramento to pursue their dreams, be the best they can be, and never, ever, give up.



Social Media Lead- Saranya Elangovan

Saranya is a rising senior at Vista Del Lago High School! She loves photography, videography, painting, and embroidery. She loves to spend her free time with her family and friends. Through the Queen Bee Project, she hopes to use her passion for art to have a part in giving women a voice while sharing their stories!



Queen VP – Leanne Allen

As an outgoing person, Leanne loves people! She loves bringing smiles to people’s faces while encouraging those around her. Being hyper-organizing and having an incredibly strong work ethic, she believes that empowered women need to recognized and celebrated and hopes to achieve that through the Queen Bee Project!



Bee VP – Shrinidhi Gopal

Shrinidhi Gopal has been competing in the Spelling Bee and Geography Bee since 3rd grade and placed 7th in the Scripps National Spelling Bee in 2017. She continues to use the vast amount of skills she learnt during her time in the Spelling Bee and Geography Bee even now! She has recently become interested in the Brain Bee, and placed 2nd in the Irvine Brain Bee in 2019. Through the Queen Bee Project, she hopes to reduce the amount of stress and make preparing for competitions a fun and engaging process along with her fellow bee alumni!