Sophie Gray on founding DiveThru, and her Transition away from being a Fitness Influencer

In this ever changing world we live in, we often quickly prioritize our physical well-being over our mental health which often gets shifted to the back burner. This common situation perfectly encapsulated Sophie Gray’s life, until she made an active effort to change it. With the launch of DiveThru, her journaling app focused on creating a better mental headspace, Sophie shifted her focus from the physical atmosphere to the mental. But doing so came with its fair share of challenges as well. 

Sophie Gray amassed a huge following in the hundred thousands by talking about “workouts and nutrition.” In the social media world, fitness is an ever growing regime. Accounts such as Gymshark and Nike have followers in the millions, and the fitness hashtag alone on Instagram has 395 million posts. However, it’s important to also consider that the endless bikini bodies and six pack abs can contribute to body dysmorphia and eating disorders in its followers. While prioritizing health is important, sometimes it becomes too important and slowly one’s mental health deteriorates. Sophie recognized this and decided to finally make a change

When she made the change from physical to mental, Sophie turned to journaling as a means of releasing her emotions. Soon she realized that journaling was “more than notetaking and venting”. So she decided to take it a step further and hosted a guided journaling workshop. This caused her to realize that this idea had some traction and she created the DiveThru app. This app clears the mind, offers room for introspection, and self-reflection. The core of this method is to help users “seek out their own wisdom” and “develop a deeper connection to yourself”. Mindful journaling has many benefits and contributes positively to self-esteem and mental clarity. 

Over the course of eight years in the fitness industry, Sophie accumulated 440,000 followers. Once she shifted her focus, she noticed the number dropped to almost half. This had a significant effect on her mental health, causing her to contemplate the significant effect social media has on people today. Sophie “wanted to feel better about [her]self”, but it was harder than usual seeing her decline in follower count. But more important than that was Sophie’s realization that she was on the outside looking in – “I was learning about myself from the image social media created”. More important to her than people’s perceptions was her need to improve her mental state. So for a period of time, Sophie knew it was in her best interest to “log off social media for a while”. When she came back she knew that her guided journaling was something she wanted to share with others. 

The Queen Bee Project is eager to share Sophie’s story because it reflects a struggle many of us share: the lack of focus on mental health. We want to bring more focus to this, and are excited to announce our partnership with DiveThru, Sophie’s guided journaling app!

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