Partnership with DiveThru!

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with @divethru_ !⁣⁣
Through this partnership, we will introduce various sets of journaling prompts to help you explore your social conscience, find yourself in a competitive environment, & more!! ⁣⁣
As a team, we also aim to educate ourselves on how we can appropriately, accurately, and effectively, bring mental health resources to the community!⁣⁣

Tap this link to learn about @sophiegray’s story, and why she founded DiveThru!⁣
Stay tuned for more details ⚡️

Highlights from the Zoom Call!

Yesterday, @snehaaganesh hosted a zoom call for spellers in their eighth grade year! These spellers are impacted by @scrippsnationalspellingbee’s decision to cancel the 2020 spelling bee – spellers in their final year of eligibility will not get their final chance at this esteemed academic competition. ⠀

In this zoom call, eighth graders met each other, played some games, and recognized their parents for their support – all activities & experiences they would’ve gained from bee week. 


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